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(a)          Advocate for harmonized   shipping   policy in Africa capable   of   promoting

      harmonious  and sustained  development  of  an  African  fleet;  Promotion  of the African Shipping Policy.

(b)          Build strategic alliances with all stakeholders and advocate for an African common position on all maritime issues and defined                     solutions;

(c)           Advocate for co-operation within African Maritime Administrations and support

              African Maritime Administrations in their statutory duties as it affects the industry.

(d)          Undertake  studies  that  will  encourage  the  promotion  and  the  development  of an Africa wide Shipping industry.

(e)          Advocate for, and work at the establishment of national, regional and continental shipping lines.

(f)           Promote co-operation among African Merchant Shipping Lines

(g)          Advocate for and promote cabotage   at National, regional   and continental level in Africa

(h)          Conduct periodical studies of status of African shipping 

(i)            Advocate for support from African   and   international   funding   institutions   to   support   an African Fleet Agenda.

(j)            Advocate for and promote the   establishment   of   regional   funds   for   the   development   of   maritime transport

(k)           Promote co-operation in the area of ship repair

(l)            Support the African Union Commission in the stated objectives in the 2063 Agenda, 2015 AIM Strategy, and the African Maritime                 Transport Charter.

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